Distribution And Logistics

Precision Total Fulfillment (PTF) was born out of a desire to bring tighter control and reliability to Out Of The Box supply chain and provide superior transportation and logistics services for our customers Precision Total Fulfillment (PTF), provides us with seamless integrated, high-quality, cost-effective, distribution and transportation solutions. From secure warehousing and professional product assembly to custom packaging and reliable order fulfillment, PTF ensures that all of our distribution and transportation needs are met. We have a nationwide distribution network which covers the sales and marketing realms as well as the physical logistics and operations from coast to coast. Products are packaged and palletized for delivery to customers as soon as the order is received.

Distribution Centre

170 Zenway Boulevard
W Unit 3
L4H 2Y7
Woodbridge, Ontario

Our primary warehouse facility encompasses a total of 60,000 sq. ft, covering six acres of property.